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Choosing the Best Gutter Guard and Leaf Control Solution

Gutter guard and gutter mesh leaf protection systems are one form of pre-filtration before rainwater enters your rainwater tank. For gutter guard and leaf mesh to be an effective solution for you, you should ensure that:Gutter mesh on house with corrugated roof Schematic

  • You really need it! Typically this will be when you have trees overhanging your roof that drop leaves to the extent that they block your gutters. If the leaves do not block your gutters (for example, they go down the down pipes) then you should consider a rain head filtration option. They are cheaper and may be more effective.
  • The gutter guard is the best applicable system for the size and pitch of your roof. The design of the gutter guard and the size of the holes in the gutter guard mesh and the way that it is installed (for example, over or under your existing roof cladding) will determine how effective the gutter guard will be.

Gutter Guard and Leaf Mesh: Things to look for.

If you have decided that leaf gutter guard is the right solution for your application, here are some helpful tips on what to look for when you are evaluating competitive products:

  • Ensure that it complies with local council fire rating. This usually means it has to be steel mesh. You should also check with the supplier to make sure it complies with any fire brigade and insurance company requirements.
  • Ask the leaf gutter guard supplier to explain to you why their mesh pattern will not trap falling leaves and debris allowing it to break down and enter your rainwater tank. This is also a very important point to make sure captured debris is not a potential fire risk.
  • Ask what sort of maintenance is required on an on-going basis. This may be very important to you in terms of effort or cost if you have a high roof and more regular maintenance is required.
  • Check what products warranty is provided and what you need to do to ensure the warranty remains valid. For example, steel mesh gutter guard is a great solution but you want to make sure it will not rust in a relative short time frame
  • Make sure the leaf gutter guard is not going to be an eye sore. Ask about the visibility of the gutter guard from the ground level and the available colours in case you want to match the colour of your roof.
  • And last but not least make sure you get a full quote for supply and install so you know you are getting the best value.

Waterplex recommend the Rain Harvesting range of leaf gutter guard and steel gutter mesh.

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