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AquaClad Modular Commercial Water Tanks

One of the most common issues faced by professionals sourcing a water storage solution is achieving the required storage capacity within a limited space or a space with limited access. Sometimes prefabricated round or slim-line tanks just can’t be made to work for a given site. For those difficult sites and challenging projects, the AquaClad® flat –pack modular steel tank offers another alternative to achieve a required capacity in a rectangular format with good looking aesthetics. And if you don’t think the aesthetics look good, simply specify your choice of cladding on the outside of the tank to make it a feature of the site – or to hide it away all together.

Jordan Springs AquaClad Flatpack Modular Tank

BSE engineers were faced with all of these challenges when working on a recent Lend Lease development and provided the required solution. In that development, almost 20,000 litres was required in a limited space and it was needed to be in keeping with the site and the broader development. The AquaClad® tank was produced to the required specification and in the required colour. The end result was a solution in keeping with the local surrounds and blurring the lines between the storage tank and the equipment shed.

Whether the site is like this one, on a rooftop building, in a basement area or just a generally difficult site, the AquaClad® flat-pack modular tank might just be the product solution you need to make that challenging project that much easier. For more information, call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

Why Waterplex

The Waterplex Group are specialists in producing innovative solutions for storing & harvesting water without taking up all of your valuable space around the home. Waterplex are a leading provider of water tanks in Australia and we have been part of the Australian water industry for over 10 years. We have built up a reliable national network of resellers and highly experienced installers that deliver a "supply and install" solution that is second to none.

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Inner City Basement Tank

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