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Manufactured Steel Water Tanks now with Watermark certification

All manufactured steel tanks from Waterplex are now Watermark certified which means each and every tank is audited to meet the strict Watermark regulations.

White Colorbond Steel Slimline Water Tank

Under the Watermark certification, manufactured steel tanks are evaluated to the requirements of ATS 5200.026.2004, the Australian Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage standards Part 026 for cold water storage tanks.

The Watermark is a trademark used to provide evidence of the successful evaluation and certification of water supply, sewerage, plumbing and drainage products. The Watermark certification for manufactured steel water tanks gives Waterplex customers the confidence that the quality of the manufactured steel tanks they buy from Waterplex meet the requirements of the technical specification.

For more information on manufactured steel water tanks from Waterplex, call the Waterplex team on 1300 72 66 70.

Why Waterplex

The Waterplex Group are specialists in producing innovative solutions for storing & harvesting water without taking up all of your valuable space around the home. Waterplex are a leading provider of water tanks in Australia and we have been part of the Australian water industry for over 10 years. We have built up a reliable national network of resellers and highly experienced installers that deliver a "supply and install" solution that is second to none.

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Waterplex provides bespoke steel rainwater tank and water storage solutions as well as…

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