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Water Bladder Tanks supplied by Waterplex to the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island

January 2011

Chevron is the developer of the one of the world's largest natural gas projects on Barrow Island. Waterplex 1 million litre large bladder tanks Gorgon Project Barrow Island

The most important resource on the island is water necessary for construction of the plant and operating buildings. The challenge facing Chevron for the Gorgon project was to install a large amount of temporary water storage within a very short lead time. The requirement was for the storage of 3 million litres of water. The storage solution needed to be portable, cost effective and able to protect the water from the hot and dusty environment.

Waterplex developed, supplied and installed 3 x 1 million litre bladder tanks for the storage of construction water to meet the projects requirements. Each bladder tank is larger than 1,000 square metres. Connection points,inlets and outlets were installed to the specification of Chevron. The Chevron Gorgon Project bladder tanks are the largest bladder tanks ever made, supplied and deployed in Australia.

Waterplex is Australia’s premier bladder tank company and supplies industrial, commercial and domestic bladder tank and lining solutions.

Waterplex can be contacted on 1300 72 66 70 or via

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