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5 Reasons to Get a Water Tank for Your Home

Many places in Australia have trouble getting water, particularly those that are far from the source. Because of this, there’s a huge demand for rainwater tanks in the country that can not only store water, but also last in the harsh Australian weather.

Aside from homes in rural areas, those living in the city can also benefit greatly from these water storage solutions. In this post, we list down the top five reasons why everyone should consider having a tank for their property.

1. Save money on bills

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Water consumption at home can be costly, especially if you have a big family. Constant flushing of toilets, for instance, amounts to as much as 30 per cent of your utility bill. But that’s not all. Take note how often you and members of your household use water for showering, general cleaning and household chores. Incorporating the use of rainwater in your daily life can greatly help reduce your water bill.

2. You can choose from different sizes

Gone are the days when barrels and bulky tanks are your only options. Now, you can choose from thousands of different sizes and types to fit your space. Here at Waterplex, you have access to over 5,000 sizes of slimline water tanks. If you have limited space, an underground storage solution might be perfect for your needs.

3. No worries about restrictions

Climate change and other environment-related changes can mean water shortage, leading to government-imposed restrictions. This can be a problem, especially for households that need to consume more than average users. Fortunately, collecting rainwater can help solve this problem. Not only will you have more than enough for daily hygiene use, you’ll also have some for extras like filling a small-sized pool.

4. Save water on household chores

Think of all the appliances in your home that need to use water to operate. From the washing machine to the dishwasher, it’s no wonder your utility bills can skyrocket. With these appliances, you’re not only paying for the energy consumption, you also need to use water every time you use them. By using rainwater that you collected for washing the car and windows, doing your laundry, watering the plants in your garden, cleaning the house and more, you can save plenty.

5. Save the Environment

Clean water is one of our most precious, fast-depleting resources. To help reduce the negative impact on the environment, conserving water is a must. You can do this by checking for leaks, replacing older appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, planting climate-appropriate flora, and of course, installing a water tank for your home. By doing all these, you can help with environment preservation in your own way.

Waterplex is the leading provider of rainwater tanks including underground and slimline tanks. We also provide liquid transport solutions such as flexitanks. Call our team today to discuss your needs and find the ideal storage solutions for your homes and commercial establishments.

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