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3 Tips to Choosing the Ideal Water Storage Solution for Your Space

Drought. Water main disruption. Power Outage. We may not be able to avoid them, but we can prepare for them. Human-error and natural disasters can mean no access to power or water supply for days, even weeks, making it essential to prepare while we still can.

Smart people have medicine and survival kits, food stowed away in their pantries, and power banks frequently charged. The smarter ones have long term water storage solutions to aid them through the tough times. Harvesting rainwater in reliable liquid storage containers is one way to prepare for drought conditions. If you’re wondering which water tanks for sale are perfect for your space, here are tips to help you choose the right one.

◊ Consider the Size of Your Household

An important consideration factor when choosing the right water tank for harvesting rainwater is the number of people in your household. When disaster strikes, the unwritten rule says that you need to provide at least 3.5 litres of water per person, per day. However, you might need more water if you live in a sweltering place, if you have plants that require a large amount of watering or if you are using the water inside the house (like toilet flushing or in the laundry). Additionally, take into consideration any pets you might have.

◊ Assess your Space

Available space can be a problem especially if you want a large amount of storage. Fortunately, you can opt for underground tanks, particularly if you have inadequate space, or want it out of sight. Our Low Profile underground rainwater tank, for example, won’t need deep excavation but is still capable of storing large amounts of rainwater. Another possible solution could be to interconnect multiple water tanks around your home to achieve a larger total storage capacity.

◊ Determine your Budget

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Steel rainwater tanks are highly-durable and perfect for places constantly exposed to the harsh elements. In Australia, you’ll find plenty of tanks in all shapes and sizes. However, they also cost more because they’re made to last longer, compared to other types. If you’re looking for more affordable, smaller-capacity containers, you can choose from our range of poly tanks that can be installed around your home or even under your decks.

Aside from providing water supply during emergency situations, rainwater tanks are effective in reducing your utility bills as well. Harvested rainwater used to wash dishes, for bathing, cleaning the house, and flushing toilets (amongst others) all contribute to the reduction in water bills. At Waterplex, we can help you determine the right storage solution for to your needs. We also provide flexitanks for safe and hygienic bulk-liquid transport.

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