Garden Beds
Corrugated Steel Garden Beds: Galvanised and Colorbond®

Waterplex has a range of galvanised and Colorbond® garden beds made using Bluescope® steel - the same steel used to make the Waterplex range of round and slimline steel water tanks.

Raised steel garden beds are a great lightweight alternative to other garden beds. They are ready made, can be easily located and are ready to make into a garden straight away. They can be put in a garden, on a lawn, on a concrete slab (include a base in your garden bed) or on a tank stand. Click on the images below for slimline and round raised garden beds and build the tank to suit your application.

Round Garden Beds
Slimline Garden Beds

Waterplex Steel Raised Garden Beds - The Superior Garden Beds

Waterplex has the best raised garden beds in Australia! The features of our raised garden beds speak for themselves:

  • they are made using Bluescope® Aquaplate® galvanised and Colorbond® steel. That means they have an internal polymer lining that provides added protection from moisture ensuring a longer life
  • The use of Bluescope® steel for the garden beds also means they are lightweight and are easy to move into position
  • all joins are machine riveted for extra strength
  • the top edges of the garden beds are rolled so there are no sharp edges on the Bluescope steel.
  • we have the widest range of raised garden beds available in Australia which are engineered to withstand the weight of the soil
  • all Waterplex® steel garden beds have a five year structural warranty

Not Sure on How to Install Your Garden Bed?

If you are not sure how to install your garden bed, or you would just like to confirm some ideas you might have, the following simply installation guide might help:

  • if you are placing the garden bed on a lawn or in a garden, you should bury the first few corrugations to give the garden bed added stability. To work out the height of garden bed you need, add 15cm to the finished height you want to achieve
  • fill the first 2/3 of the garden bed with suitable drainage materials
  • lay a bed of straw on top of the drainage material
  • you can then fill the garden bed with top soil or if you choose, you can add organic material to the pile; cow manure, horse manure, raw fruits and other organic material. Essentially you will be planting in compost one the organic material decomposes.
  • Plant in the top soil or the decomposed organic material
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