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Waterplex specialises in water tank liners and many other liquid tank liners to store water and most forms of liquid.

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Tank liners for New Water Tanks

Often, the greatest challenge with a new water tank constructed on site or incorporated in a new building is to ensure it is of potable quality. It is important to ensure that the tank construction material does not adversely impact on the quality of water in the tank. Tank liners fabricated from potable grade materials are the perfect solution to achieve this. The constructed tank provides the structural strength for the water storage while the potable grade liner makes it waterproof and ensures that the water is not adversely affected by the construction material.

Tank Liners for Existing Tanks

Tank liners can be prefabricated and fitted into almost any tank. So if an existing tank is leaking or the quality of the water is being impacted by the tank walls, the retrofit of a tank liner is a relatively easy and cost effective solution to giving an old tank new life. Tank liners can be folded or packed to a fraction of the size of the tank dimensions which means they can usually be easily placed inside any tank for installation.

On Site Fabrication of Tank Liners

Not all tanks can have prefabricated liners installed. Sometime the size of a tank or the tank shape or objects in a tank (such as piers) will mean that on-site installation is the only solution. To the extent possible, sections of the tank liners can still be prefabricated and shipped to site. The tank liner can then be “cut and shut” on site to provide a watertight solution.

Water storage tanks liners can be open or enclosed. Most commonly water tank liners are open. Water tanks that have been protected with a tank liner can store liquids ranging from drinking water to diesel to sewage. The material used to fabricate the tank liner is determined by the liquid being stored. A "tank liner" can be installed inside a water tank, in a dam or even in wasted void space within a building.

The most important fact to remember is that a tank liner relies completely on the structure of the tank to withstand the force of the water. Tank liners are made from flexible material that is not designed to withstand the force of the water. It simply "waterproofs" the tank to ensure that it does not leak. For that reason, tank liners should be made oversized to ensure that it fits into all areas of the tank and is supported by the walls and the floor of the tank without exception.

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