Spill Bunding
Spill Bunding

Waterplex Range of Spill Bunding Products

Waterplex offer a range of portable flexible and rotationally moulded bunding solutions. Managing liquid and chemical spills and containing potentially damaging spills is now important part of every company’s risk management strategy.

One of the challenges that many companies face is managing the balance between long term durable bunding and spill containment solutions while still having access to flexible solutions that can moved and reused as and when required. The broad range from Waterplex ensures that most requirements can be delivered from one supplier.

In addition to bunding solutions, Waterplex also offers construction and works barriers allow for the safe delineation of work and pedestrian or vehicular areas. Follow the links below to see detailed product information.

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What sort of spill containment product do we need?

Portable spill containment solutions are best suited where there is a requirement to be able to move the bund from site to site or for an emergency containment solution in case of a spill. The advantage of portable spill solutions is the flexibility of the location and deployment. The advantage of fixed spill containment bunds is their robustness and suitability for long term applications.

What types of spill containment bunds are available?

Spill containment bunds can be supplied complete and ready to install or partially or fully fabricated on site. The degree of on-site fabrication is usually determined by the size and capacity of the bunding solution or the materials of the bunding solution. Examples of the types of bunding solutions available are:

  • Portable pallet bunds
  • Permanent pallet bunds
  • Portable vehicle bunds
  • IBC Bunds
  • Drum bunds
  • Tank bunds

For larger applications the bund area is usually fabricated on site from a robust material such as concrete. They are then usually made water tight using bund liners made from material appropriate for the liquid being stored.

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