Partition and Flexible PVC Separation Curtains for Workplaces

Retractable barrier and partition curtains are an ideal flexible solution for dividing and separating work place environments and activities. Partition curtains can be made from a broad range of unsupported or reinforced flame retardant PVCs. The materials are available in a range of colours or they can be transparent or a combination of the two with “see through” panels to allow safe entry and exist through the curtains.

The benefits of using partition curtains for flexible work spaces include:

  • Flexibility in work space size and shapes
  • Containing dust and debris to keep other areas clean
  • Providing clean work spaces clear of contaminants
  • The ability to move large items and equipment in and out of work areas

Waterplex specialises in barrier curtain solutions including the fabrication of the curtains to meet required specifications and, if required, fixing systems for attachment. The fixing systems used depend on the type and size of curtain required as well the number of times and manner in which the curtains need to be used or moved aside. Fixing systems are suitable not only for attachment to roof and door areas but they can also be utilised in various forms on side walls and floors depending on the requirement for isolating the environment from light, debris, dust or noise.

Barrier and partition curtains are often used to contain some form of pollution such as dust or noise. An industrial barrier curtain can provide a partition between work areas that can be made from completely clear PVC if visibility is an important OHS requirement otherwise in a solid colour using reinforced PVC curtains or a combination of the two.

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Why Consider Flexible PVC partition and separation curtains?

The use of flexible PVC industrial and partition separation curtains in the workplace enables flexibility within work environments allowing areas to be partitioned quickly and effectively. Alternatively, partition solutions can be semi-permanent and only removed or opened when access is required or a project is complete.

What sort of flexible PVC partition and separation curtains are available?

Industrial curtains and flexible partition solutions can slide from side to side or be raised and lowered depending on which best suits the work environment and application. Opening and close mechanisms for industrial curtains can be manual or automated and curtains can be made extremely lightweight for ease of handling or thick and heavy with reinforcement where the work environment or application warrants greater separation and protection. Strip curtains provide reduced environment protection allowing greater air flow between spaces but provide greater ease of access. There is a flexible PVC curtain or partition solution for almost any application. Just ask us!

Where can industrial curtains and PVC partition solutions be used?

Industrial curtains and flexible PVC partition and separation curtains can be used in almost any working environment where there is a need to divide and contain work areas. Flexible PVC curtains might be used where temporary separation is required from time to time or where access is a critical factor at the end of a work process. Examples of flexible PVC industrial curtain and partition solutions and applications include:

  • providing protection from the weather such as external loading bays
  • dust suppression in dusty workplaces or protect areas from dusty environments
  • clean room separation curtains
  • shelving protection curtains
  • wash bay separation curtains
  • cross contamination prevention curtains
  • welding screen curtains
  • bird and insect separation curtains
  • noise attenuation
  • provision of an isolated area for dust extraction or increased ventilation
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