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Liquatrans food grade bladder tanks are the perfect solution for emergency or temporary storage of food grade and other no hazardous liquids. They are a very simple “tank in a box solution”. Liquatrans is a specialist designer and manufacturer of liquid transport solutions. Their transport solutions can also be used for temporary static storage solutions.

When temporary liquid storage is required at short notice, the bladder tank is simply removed from the box, rolled out in the storage location and it is ready to fill. The tanks can store liquids discretely or they can be interconnected to operate as a tank farm.

With capacities of up to 70,000 litres in a single tank, very large temporary storage capacities can be easily achieved by manifolding the bladder tanks together. By connecting only 14 bladder tanks together, a capacity of more than 1 million litres can be achieved in the space of a couple of hours work for deployment. And 14 bladder tanks can be stored in approximately 4 pallet spaces.

But don’t just think 70,000 litres – the size and capacity of these bladder tanks can be varied to suit storage requirements.

These unique bladder tanks can be customised for specific requirements which may include deployment on rough ground, UV (or light) protection or even oxygen transmission reduction. The standard fitting on these bladder tanks is a 3” male camlock with positive locking valve and security screw cap.

The most common applications for these temporary storage solutions are where:

  • Storage capacity is close to capacity.
  • Seasonal changes in supply or demand outstrip available capacity.
  • Long term storage capacity is limited by capital constraints.
  • Shipper minimum quantities mean that a buyer cannot fit all the purchased product in available long term storage – so cheap and immediately available storage capacity is required.

So whether you are a manufacturer, shipper or purchaser of bulk liquids, there is a temporary, cost effective short term solution in the Liquatrans range of bladder tanks for you. Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for more information or visit the detail product page below.

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