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Waterplex sells liquid transport solutions designed and manufactured by Liquatrans.

Transporting bulk liquids safely can be a real challenge due to the weight of the product and the force that it generates when moving. The key to the safe transport of liquids is to ensure that the liquid does not move during the journey. If the liquid cannot move then the forces created by moving liquid are not present.

These liquid transport products are designed relatively low cost single-use solutions. The advantage is that each and every time, the product is shipped in a “new tank”. This overcomes issues of potential product contamination and the cost of returning empty tanks back to the shipping dispatch point. The flexitanks can be recycled provided the liquid residue is acceptable to the recycler. And because there is no bulkhead required for these flexitanks, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced because less materials a required and shipping is more efficient. They also have the added advantage that bulkheads do not have to be repatriated for the destination port.

Waterplex offer shipping container (20’ and 40’) and truck liquid transport solutions that prevent the liquid from moving. There are a range of product capacities from 1,000 litre flexible IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to 25,000 litre truck bladder flexitanks. These road and sea transport solutions are suitable for most non-hazardous liquid products, are cost effective, easily deployed and proven transport solutions.

The truck flexitanks and bladders are designed primarily as single use products that can be used as hygienic food grade packaging without risk of contamination from any prior use. But they are not limited to only food grade products. They are supplied with integrated harnesses for lashing to trucks and preventing the movement of liquid. The standard inlet fitting is a 3" male camlock with a positive locking valve. In addition, the outlet includes three back up sealing closures to ensure the security of your product.

The IBC's come in a number of configurations and can be supplied with customised inlet and outlet fittings and other options (please note minimum quantities may apply).

For more information on these unique products, refer to the individual product pages or call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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