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Waterplex sells the Liquatrans range of bulk packaging for dry goods.

Liquatrans manufacture big bags and dry bulk liners for shipping containers.

Big (Bulka) Bags

While there are some generic big bags in the market place, many customers require customised big bag solutions. The requirements for big bag design and specifications are most commonly impacted by:

  • The nature of the product to be carried – for example, a fine powered material or a coarse and rough material.
  • The weight of the product to be carried – big bags are often lifted by the handles. Usually the rule of thumb is that the safe handling load is 1.5 ton x the cubic capacity and the safety factor is 5 x the cubic capacity (for example, a 1,000 litre big bag would have a safe handling load of 1.5 tons and the safety factor would be 5 tons).
  • Any unique characteristics of the material be transported (for example, does it need to be moisture proofed or is there a risk of explosion from static electricity).
  • Any special handling requirement – for example in filling, handling or discharge.
  • Any special design to allow for free movement of the material during filling or emptying

Liquatrans specialise in designing big bags for both general and challenging products.

Dry Bulk Liners

A dry bulk liner is essentially a larger shaped plastic bag that is installed inside a standard shipping container for the bulk transport of dry goods. The purpose of the dry bulk liner is to protect the product from contamination either from the shipping container for from the environment during the shipment.

The most important design aspect of dry bulk liners is around the filling and emptying of the liner. Given the dimensions of s shipping container (2.4m wide x 6m long x 2.4m high), a large amount of “loose” dry bulk product needs to be filled into the ideally without anyone entering the liner (risk of damage) or container (for safety reasons). Similar challenges exist around the discharge of products, particularly where the product does not flow freely (this starch vs sugar). Often, both the filling and emptying processes require specialist equipment design specifically for the operations.

For more information on big bags and dry bulk liners, see the detailed product pages below or contact the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70.

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