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A rainwater harvesting system typically requires are rainwater pump to deliver water to where you need it. The only time you are unlikely to need a rainwater pump is when you tank is elevated or there is sufficient fall on your site to allow sufficient pressure at the point that you need the water.

Because there are many different brands of pumps and many different sizes of pumps, you need to consider all the factors important to you before you buy a pump. When you purchase a tank from Waterplex we will be happy to help you in your pump selection process. Call us on 1300 72 66 70.

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What are the different types of Rainwater Pumps Available?

There are three different types of rainwater pumps available for domestic and commercial rainwater re-use applications:

  • constant pressure pump systems
  • pressure vessel pump systems
  • control switch pump systems
Constant Pressure Pump Systems

A constant pressure pump switches on each time a tap is turned on or a toilet is flushed. the pump recognises the drop in pressure that is caused by the tap being opened and then switches on t o supply water to that tap.

That means that while the tap is open the pump will run continuously as it supplies water until the tap is closed. When the tap is closed, the pump switches off holds the pressure in the line. that means that while it is not supplying water it is not using energy

Pressure Vessel Pump Systems

A pressure vessel pump system has a spherical pressure vessel placed on top of the pump to hold water under pressure.

A pressure vessel works with high and low pressures to switch the pump on and off. Water is supply into the pressure vessel by the pump. When a tap is closed, the pump continues to run to fill the pressure vessel (this is usually a matter of seconds) until it reaches the upper pressure level.

Conversely, when a tap is opened, the pressure vessel supplies the water until the pressure level drops to the lower range at which point the pump switches on.

The significant benefit of the pressure vessel system is that it potentially reduces the number and start and stop cycles for a pump and reduces the amount of power used to deliver water to your tap. The extent of savings is determined by the type of water use and the type and size of pressure vessel used with your pump.

If you are interested in finding out more about the amount of power required to deliver water to a tap (often measured in kilowatt hours), check out some of the latest research at The Water-Energy Nexus: investigation into the energy implications of household rainwater systems (link in research section 6)

Control Switch Pump Systems

Rain harvesting control switch systems combine a constant pressure rainwater pump (see above) with a rain water harvesting control switch. The constant pressure pump runs whenever a tap is open. But unlike the constant pressure pump, this system switches water supply to mains water when the rainwater tank is empty.

To find out more about this type of system got to Rainwater Harvesting Control Switches

What Brand of Rainwater Tank Pump Should I buy?

There are a number of different pump brands available in the market place. When considering what brand of water pump to buy you should consider:

  • the size of the manufacturer and their experience in the Australian rainwater market
  • the extent of their network around Australia including service agents
  • the warranty they offer with their products
  • the recommendations of experienced resellers such as the team at Waterplex
What should I be looking for in a rainwater tank pump?

There are a number of key things that you should consider when looking for rainwater pumps before you make a decision on which one is right for you:

  • where are you going to use the water and where is that location relative to your water tank (number of outlets as well as the height and distance from the pump are important factors in determining the size of pump you need)
  • Do you need continuous water supply (for example into your home)? If yes, then you should look at rainwater harvesting controllers
  • stainless steel componentry to ensure the pump does not rust or discolour your water
  • a standard industry warranty of at less two years backed up by a quality manufacturer with a network of service agents

Waterplex stock and resell rainwater pumps and rainwater / mains water control units from the following quality manufacturers:

  • Davey
  • Grundfos
  • Onga Pentair
  • Bianco

Call the team at Waterplex on 1300 72 66 70 for assistance in finding the right pump solution to meet your needs.

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