Waterplex carry a full range of rainwater harvesting accessories including but not limited to:

  • Digital and mechanical tank level gauges. Our preference is for mechanical gauges. Based on experience, with mechanical gauges you just “can’t go wrong”. Of course there can be issues with mechanical gauges but you do not face the issues of failing batteries, misreading sensors and poor radio signal as you might with digital or electronic rainwater level gauges.
  • Protective covers for Eco Sacs – Eco sacs should be protected from debris, dirt and UV. The bespoke eco sac protective covers are ideal for this purpose. But please not they are not designed to protective the eco sacs from damaging or abrasive materials like deck stain or paints.
  • Orifice plate fittings – normally sold as part of a specified rainwater tank solution these are designed for retention tanks that slow the flow of rainwater to urban storm water systems. They can be supplied with most of our prefabrication rainwater tank and bladder tank products.
  • Underground rainwater tank components for interconnection and various trafficability classes (please note these components are only sold with the underground rainwater tanks they have been designed for).
  • Storz fittings for fire-fighting compatibility. These are not supplied as individual components but only as part of a total tank solution where they have been specified during the design process.
  • Fittings and outlets – most Waterplex tanks can have various size fittings or outlets installed during the manufacturing process. These are not sold separately or individually but are indicative of the types of fittings that can be included with our rainwater tanks. The normal process is that these items are ordered before the tank is manufactured or they have been specified by a hydraulic engineer.
  • Tank stands – please note that due to the weight and the force generated by a full water tank that tank stands are limited in height and size to be able to withstand the various forces. Typically most people looking for a rainwater tank stand are trying to save the cost of purchasing a pump. If this is the case for you, please speak to us first so we can explain the extremely low pressure you will experience as the water level in your tank reduces.

For more information on these accessories, vist the detailed product pages below.

Level Gauges
Eco Sac Covers
Orifice Plate Fittings
Underground Parts
Storz Fittings
Fittings & Outlets
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