Waterplex offers an extensive range of commercial rain heads and filters that can handle up to 2,350m² of roof rainwater harvesting area.

Commercial rainwater harvesting applications provide some slightly different challenges to domestic rainwater harvesting.

Usually the greatest difference is the catchment area is significantly greater that a normal domestic roof. The greater the roof area, the great the volume of rainwater that has to be delivered to the rainwater tanks by the storm water system. This might require larger diameter down pipes (up to and greater than 300mm diameter) and more pipes.

In situations where there is a much great volume of water and most likely a significantly faster flow rate of water, then commercial grade pre-filtration products are required.

One other challenge for commercial applications is that unless there is a structured maintenance program in place, the rainwater system components may not be maintained in the same way that a home owner may monitor or look after their own rainwater tank. So to the extent that it is possible, low maintenance solutions should be installed. But note there is no such thing as a “no maintenance system”.

Rain heads still need to have the mesh removed and cleaned, first flush devices still need to have the internal filters and drip outlet cleaned and whole of roof filters still need to have the meshes cleaned. Failure to do any of the above may result in poor rainwater quality or in some cases may prevent the rainwater from entering the tank (because the mesh filters are blocked and the water is diverted).

Below are links to the detailed commercial rainwater harvesting pre-filtration accessories offered by Waterplex. These products are normally incorporated in a rainwater harvesting system design prepared by a hydraulic professional. Care should be taken to ensure that the rainwater flow rates are compatible with the product specifications and that a maintenance program is established and maintained on an on-going basis.

For more information on the commercial accessory products, refer to the detailed product pages or call the team at Waterplex.

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