Waterplex offers a full range of rainwater harvesting and rainwater tank accessories. On each of the rainwater storage tank product pages, the accessories are linked to show what may be required for a complete rainwater harvesting system.

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What are the key components for a rain harvesting system outside the rainwater tank?

If you are purchasing or installing a rainwater harvesting system, you need to remember that everything that rainwater comes into contact with before arriving at the final use point (for example, your toilet cistern) may impact on the quality of your water.

While you can prevent rainwater from being in contact with many things on its journey into your house, you can manage the quality of the water by following a few simple rules:

  • Ensure that all the surfaces that a rainwater tank comes into contact with are kept and clean and free of debris as possible. For example, clean or remove lichen from your roof, keep your roof and gutters as clear and free of leaves and debris as possible.
  • Maintain all the components of your rainwater system. While this includes cleaning roofs and getters, don’t forget to clear any mesh screens in your system or clean filters (pre or post your tank).
  • Ensure that you only use quality components in your rainwater system. For example, only use a pump with stainless steel components. Apart from the fact that you will get a longer life from you pump, you will avoid discolouration of your water from rusting components.

The various components of a rainwater harvesting solution that may help you follow the above rules, or at least help you remove any debris that might otherwise end up in your water tank are:

  • Gutter mesh – helps prevent items from filling and composting in your gutters. But be aware it is still important to clear the mesh of any debris as leaves and organic matter will still breakdown and enter your rainwater harvesting system.
  • Rain-heads with mesh – help remove any leaf and organic matter entering the down pipes from your gutters. Typically you should use either gutter mesh or rain-heads with mesh – but it is unusual to use both.
  • First flush devices – installed after the mesh rain-head, these are designed to divert the first dirty water from the tank (the organic and small debris that has not been captured by the rain-head).
  • Tank inlet mesh – normally this should be supplied with your tank. If you have installed the pre-filtration mentioned above, then the primary function of this mesh is to prevent mosquitos from entering your tank.

For more information on rainwater tank and water quality related accessories, check out the detailed product pages below.

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